Working in the Nude: A Guide to Nude Figure Modeling

An introduction to nude figure modeling for artists. Ink drawings of example poses for a variety of time frames and explanations for everything from self-care to why certain poses are better than others.  


6 fantastical and strange framed illustrations in an accordion format.  



Spell Caster Pocket Zine

A collaborative mini zine by Eli Saragoussi and Tess Stuart. 
Visual spells to meditate on when needed.

2017 Full Moon Monthly

A monthly moon calendar for 2017 with images that correspond to the Native American names for the full moon of each month. 

New Angles: perspectives of women, queer and gender non-binary members within the greater music community

15 essays from members of music communities around the world compiled by Eli Saragoussi and Rooster Jake
Check out two interviews with Jake and Eli about New Angles: KGNU, and Westword